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Vodafone One Net Business

Vodafone One Net Business is the UK’s first cloud-based service to deliver landline and mobile communication all on one system.

Using the latest Cisco phones, call transfers are free and you can answer landline calls on your mobile if you’re out of the office. If the team is busy, One Net will use Hunt Groups to send the call to the next available person, with combined voicemail for landline and mobile making sure you never miss an important message.

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Business Mobiles & Connectivity

Providing a wide range of devices and cloud solutions, our service is designed to help businesses of all sizes operate at optimum performance levels, all the time.

  • Ensuring you have the right devices for your business – with so many options let us identify the best for your business.
  • Do you operate north and south of Ireland? Give your business the freedom to roam wherever business takes you – with unprecedented roaming value in ROI and the EU.
  • Have you got poor signal at home or even the office? Ensure you never miss an important call again with Vodafone Sure Signal, providing clear 3G signal using your broadband connection.
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Creating a smarter world.
In our homes, at the office or in the car, the way we live and work is being transformed by enabling everyday objects to talk to each other over the network.  The technology behind this is called machine-to-machine (M2M) communications or telematics. The potential benefits are far-reaching; making equipment failure a thing of the past, enhancing safety and security, supporting faster and better decision-making.
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