Customer Management

At Connect we strive in providing the highest level of service to our customers. Each customer is designated with both a Corporate Account Manager, as well as their own dedicated Service Agent. Unlike many other mobile phone companies, the person who signs the deal with the customer is also responsible for managing the account.  This combination of a two-tiered customer service approach has allowed us to carve out a niche to become one of the leading telecoms solutions providers in the UK market.

This focus on the delivery of a highly-effective and personal form of customer service has proven to be extremely successful. Connect has been recognised as Vodafone Gold Partner of the Year 2014, status as a Vodafone Platinum Partner in 2015, and Implementation Partner status in 2016. All of which are  accredited for outstanding solution delivery to our customers through excellent customer service.

Our Service Level Agreement

High angle view of business team working in the office.

At Connect we are passionate about ensuring our customers receive a personal service. Fulfilment of this  is seen through our success in committing to regular Face-to-Face Account Reviews for our customers, which has resulted in a very high customer retention rate.

With an agreed SLA from connection, our dedicated Corporate Account Managers perform regular Face-to-Face Account Reviews. They are highly trained on the latest tariffs and technology to improve your productivity through business mobilisation and keep your costs to a minimum through our Mobile Bill Analysis.

1st Month Face-to-Face Account Review

Your Account Manager will complete a Face to Face Account Review as soon as you receive your 1st bill.  This is to ensure your tariff has been built correctly, agreed Savings are being realised and all equipment is functioning properly.  This also gives us the opportunity to explain how your billing is calculated.

Monthly Face-to-Face Account reviews

Learning Your Account Manager will complete a Face to Face Account Review approximately 6 months after connection to the proposed network.  This is to ensure you are STILL on the most competitive tariff and identify any other areas of your business which can benefit from Connect Telecom’s range of Products and Services.

2 Dedicated  Service Managers


Unlike many other mobile phone companies, the person who signs you up is also responsible for managing your account.  Every Connect Corporate Account Manager is highly trained on the latest tariffs, technology and all other Connects products and services to help you stay productive and keep your costs to a minimum.  Each Account manager has a capped number of accounts to ensure your account management gets better, not worse. You will also be introduced to a dedicated Customer Service agent who will deal with day-to-day queries on your account, ensuring you always get through to someone who deals with your account.

Handset Replacements

All Connect Care customers are offered a next day handset replacement service.  A loan phone can also be supplied on the same day or next day.