Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact our office directly by phone on 0800 058 2855 or email us We can repair warranty issues for free, all chargeable repairs can be covered under our insurance policy, which also provides loan phones. 
Yes. Contact us on 0800 058 2855 or email us 
You can increase the number of minutes and texts on your tariff but you cannot reduce the minutes or texts on your tariff. 
 You will incur a termination fee equal to the line rental multiplied by the number of months remaining on your contract.
Yes but insurance must be added to your numbers at point of sale – contact your Account Manager for further information.
If you need additional phone accounts set up, your Account Manager will review your tariff and advise on how best to utilise the tariff to keep your bills as low as possible. Additional handsets can be provided along with your revised tariff.
Yes, customers can choose handsets dependent on tariff and usage. Your Account Manager will advise you on all handsets available to best suit your business needs.
If you port your numbers, leave your old sim active on the day of porting. Once you notice you have lost signal then insert the new sim and test for both incoming and outgoing calls. There is usually no down time if the above is adhered to. 
You can increase your tariff to the next level but you cannot reduce it.
Your One Net system can be moved to your new site premises.  Please contact us on +44 (0) 800 058 2855 and let our operations team know the details of your move. Connect Implementation Services will handle the move of the system, we will always endeavour to do so as quickly as possible and based on your move in requirements however please note that the implementation of One Net can take from 4-8 weeks.   Please also be aware, that with any VoIP system the site must have suitable connectivity.  It is the customer responsibility to ensure the connectivity of the new site is suitable.  If you would like any advice on checking this, please ask one of our team.
Minor complaints should be made in the first instance to your Account Manager who will acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing within 24 hours and explain to the customer what steps are being taken to resolve the issue and how long this is likely to take. Most minor complaints can be resolved quickly to the satisfaction of both parties within the agreed timescale, but should this not be the case your Account Manager will escalate the complaint to the head of Customer Services and/or a Company Director. Serious complaints should be made in writing directly to the Head of Customer Services at Connect’s Belfast Office or via email and are acknowledged in a similar way. Serious complaints may be escalated to a Company Director for quicker resolution. We endeavour to put ourselves in the customer’s position and understand that most people will not make a complaint without foundation. Thankfully complaints are rare but they sometimes provide valuable information about faulty processes or training needs within our staff, so we welcome them as a way of constantly improving Connect Telecom.

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