What do we do?

Connect Telecom provide businesses with a local dedicated service element when it comes to their communications.

We provide Mobiles, Landlines, Broadband and Cloud Solutions. What we really specialise in, is our ability to integrate these into one easy to use unified solution.

Getting your complete communications solution with Connect means your business has one local point of contact looking after everything, our job is to make life easy for you.

Some of our services are discussed below, and you can follow the links for your relevant solution…

Complete Communications Solutions



Landlines   –   Mobiles   –   One Net Business   –   Office 365   –   Broadband  


Connect Telecom have achieved the highest ranking partnership with the UK’s #1 network -Vodafone. We bring you the best network with the best solutions, all with the advantage of a local dedicated service.

We know what it’s like to be a customer, that’s why we provide the best service with the best support, giving each customer a dedicated account manager and customer service agent.


Integrated solutions

Seeing fixed and mobile communication solutions as inseparable is how our customers are staying ahead of their competitors. Combining devices; phones, tablets, laptops, wearable technology and cloud-based services into powerful IT network solutions will enhance the way your business works through seamless access to all of your services.

Access anytime, anywhere

Connect Telecom provides totally integrated and inseparable business communication solutions  by combining your mobiles and landlines through the UK’s first cloud-based landline and mobile platform – Vodafone One Net Business, giving you any time access to your emails and contacts through Microsoft’s award winning Office 365 and enabling anywhere access on any device to documents, photos and videos through Microsoft One Drive.


Be a Ready Business

By being a Ready Business, you’re in the right place to take advantage of every opportunity.

4G is a big part of Being Ready. It can help you get your business up and running faster, lets your people work from almost anywhere, and enables you to connect with colleagues and customers quickly. Our One Net solutions incorporate 4G and VoIp hosted telephony solutions integrate your business’ communications to ensure you stay connected anytime, anywhere. Staying connected means making the most of every opportunity, improving today’s services into future growth.

Vodafone have continued to invest heavily in their 4G network to ensure it accommodates the increasing demands of people and businesses – and the everyday services you rely on, up and down the country.



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